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Prayer for Back to School

Chosen by God!

Let's pray a hedge of protection around our school systems according to Psalm 91.

Please pray this prayer for all children returning to school. While I don't have children, my heart is for them! Let's surround our children with our prayers for a peaceful and successful school year.

Would you please share it, so we can get more people praying for our children? Thank you!

A prayer for the school year:

Lord, we pray right now that all involved in the education system will dwell in the secret place of the Most High, remaining stable and fixed under that shadow of the Almighty. We know that no foe can withstand Your power. We declare that You are their Refuge and Fortress, their God and they lean on and rely on You. They confidently trust in You.

We thank You that You deliver them from danger. You cover them with your pinions, and under Your wings do they trust and take refuge. Because they rest securely in You they shall not be afraid. No matter what is going on around them it will not come near them or touch them.

We thank You that You give Your angels charge over every single one of them, and none will be lost, left behind, or discarded. Your angels accompany, defend, and preserve them in all their ways.

Because they have set their love on You, we trust You to deliver them and set them on high. They have a personal knowledge of Your mercy, love, and kindness, so they trust and rely on You, knowing that You will never forsake them.

Thank You that when they call upon You that You answer them and You are with them in the time of trouble. We trust You to deliver them and honor them.

We ask You to bless this school year for them. Protect every school in this nation. Let there be no acts of violence, bullying, and ostracizing.

We declare that they have the mind of Christ. They can attain and retain knowledge. They will have a successful school year! We pray in the Name of Jesus. Amen!

Be Encouraged!

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