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Seeing From God's Perspective

Chosen by God!

Seeing From God's Perspective

When we are experiencing physical difficulties caused by emotional stress, we must address the problem at its root cause. Though we should seek God’s help in dealing with problems that are caused by stress, it is important to have someone help us who understands the relationship between the mind and the body. When we’re going through difficulties our perspective can be skewed depending on the severity. Our emotions may cause us to not see clearly and make decisions that are out of balance with what is going on. During times of difficulties and emotional stress we should refrain from making any life changing decisions.

During these times our emotions can’t be trusted. It’s like when our eyes are dilated. We don’t have a clear picture of what’s in front of us. After our eyes return to normal we can see more clearly. This is why doctors ask us to have someone drive us home, we’re not seeing clearly. The same is true of our emotions. We’re not seeing clearly. It’s during these times we truly need a spiritually mature believer to help us gain perspective.

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