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God Rewards Faithfulness

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Chosen by God!

When we see wicked people flourishing, we are not to become frustrated and angry, realizing that God will ultimately reward us for our faithfulness, if not on this present earth, then in eternity.

In Psalm 37 David points out what will eventually happen to those who consistently reject God and live evil lives:

They will be destroyed

They will be no more

They will be destroyed by their own weapons of destruction

Their arms are broken

They will perish, fade away

The children of the wicked will be destroyed

Transgressors will be eliminated

Their future will be destroyed

He also points out what will happen to those who consistently live obedient, according to God's Word, lives:

Inherit the land

The Lord’s support

His judgment on the wicked

He will not abandon us

We will be kept safe

We will watch the as the wicked are destroyed.

We will see the transgressors eliminated and their future destroyed

Although it may look like the wicked are flourishing there is a time of judgment when we will all be held accountable for how we lived. As believers we cannot allow our perception of flourishing on this earth to cause us to lose sight of our eternal inheritance. What is going on here is temporary. We must keep our eyes on what is eternal.

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