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A Life Pleasing to God!

Chosen by God!

The more we stay in the Word, pray, and in the Presence of God the more firm our foundation in Him becomes. As we face opportunities to sin the Holy Spirit will lead us away, we just have to obey.

"SO, SINCE Christ suffered in the flesh for us, for you, arm yourselves with the same thought and purpose [patiently to suffer rather than fail to please God]. For whoever has suffered in the flesh [having the mind of Christ] is done with [intentional] sin [has stopped pleasing himself and the world, and pleases God], so that he can no longer spend the rest of his natural life living by [his] human appetites and desires, but [he lives] for what God wills." (I Peter 4:1-2 AMP)

Once I found this particular Scripture it pricked my heart because I know my sin hurts God. He paid such a dear price for my salvation, to be called His child, how could I not want to please God? Ultimately my obedience pleases God and that’s what I want, to please God.

Be Encouraged! ❤

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