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Mid-Day Prayer - Let Them Go With Blessings!

Chosen by God!

This prayer is based on this mornings "ENCOURAGEMENT NUGGET - LET THEM GO WITH BLESSINGS!” I encourage you to read it if you have not.

Lord help me to hold people loosely and allow them to walk in their direction instead of trying to force them to walk in mine or with me. Help me to let go, with grace, those You have removed from my life. Let me not try to hold on to a season You have removed me on from. Let me remember that You are always with me and departures are necessary for where You are taking me.

Thank You for giving me peace as people leave. Help me to welcome those You send without fear of rejection. Let me always remember that everything on earth is temporary. In Jesus Name, Amen!

Be Encouraged! ❤

Leisa Wilkins Ministries

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