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Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Chosen by God!

“When life is heavy and hard to take, go off by yourself. Enter the silence. Bow in prayer. Don't ask questions: Wait for hope to appear. Don't run from trouble. Take it full-face. The "worst" is never the worst. Because the Master won't ever walk out and fail to return.” (Lamentations 3:28-30 MSG)

Getting alone in the presence of God + silence in His presence + bowing in prayer + not asking questions = the God of Hope showing up on your behalf, and in you.

There isn't anything better! Whatever you're going through God is right there. All you have to do is spend time with Him. Seek Him, as your vital necessity, and He will be found. Not only that, He will change your situation, working it out for your good and His glory.

Be Encouraged! ❤

Leisa Wilkins Ministries

Encouraging and Empowering you to become who God created you to be, God's Masterpiece, a Divine Original!

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