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Treasured by God!


In my desire to be a blessing to others, and because I love the Word, I've allowed myself to be too available to some people that have not appreciated the gift I am unless they need it. Sadly, some think I'm at their beck and call. That's my fault because I've made myself too available. That will no longer be the case.

Some don't value what doesn't cost them something and then get insulted when you put a price on your time. How many times should I spend hours on the phone with you before suggesting that you prayerfully consider making a donation to my ministry? Since you value my opinion then you should be okay with sowing a seed into my ministry. Notice I don't suggest an amount because there is no price tag for serving. I've also made it clear, it's not the amount of the seed, it's the heart of the seed.

I am in ministry. I am not running a charity. I will never understand how people want me to sow continually into their lives, say they value my wisdom, but don't feel they need to sow into my ministry.

As I've mentioned before sowing isn't just money, it's also praying, speaking a word of encouragement, liking, sharing, or commenting on a post, visiting my website and sharing it, purchasing a devotional I've written, and yes it's also making a financial contribution!

This has been disheartening for me, BUT God! He's giving me a better understanding, new direction, and better discernment.

Lessons learned:

Serving doesn't mean everyone has access.


I don't have to feel bad about saying no.


It's healthy, and necessary, to have and maintain boundaries.


Everyone isn't my audience and that's okay.


No apologies are needed when doing what God called me to do.

Be Encouraged! ❤

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