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Days 21, 22, & 23 - Birthday Month Celebration!

Days 21, 22, & 23 of my birthday month celebration.

Went to pick up my glasses Friday in Galveston. Nice ride and I love the new frames. Purple, or anything in the purple family, is my favorite color!

While there the eye doctor takes a look at my eyes in passing while saying hello and next thing I know I'm in the chair and have a follow up appointment for Saturday morning for a closer look at my eyes in his Houston office! I'm back on drops and ointment for my eyes. This time I have to finish all three bottles of drops, not just 10 days and stop. Thankful for observant doctors because my eyes felt fine to me. They didn't look good but felt fine. Actually, I think I just got used to how they felt.

Teachable Moment: We can get used to things that are doing us harm without realizing we are being harmed because after a while it feels natural. Stay in close contact with Holy Spirit so you're not duped into complacency.

On the way home we stopped at Kelly's and had brunch. I had a cheese omlette with homemade hashbrowns, and raisin toast something I haven't had in years!

Yesterday we hit IHOP and I had harvest grain pancakes! Another favorite I haven't had in years.

Today I just got off the treadmill and am getting ready to hangout some more in my prayer room. You can see my study books in the picture. Want to get some reading in before I put ointment in my eyes because once I do I've got blurry vision for awhile and reading is a challenge!

Today, I'm getting back to healthier eating and a little more exercise as I took the last two days off! Going to church in a little while, of course. Then I'm going to spend today chillaxing!

Be Encouraged! ❤

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