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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Treasured by God!

It's amazing to me how tone deaf and insensitive people are about what is going on in America! This is not a political issue. (And believe it or not everything is not a political issue so stop trying to make it one!) It doesn't matter who is in charge - Democrats or Republicans. It's a HEART issue! It's a sin issue! When you can justify racism and injustice, while being okay with the number of senseless black murders that have happened over the years/decades then you are part of the problem. You may not have physically killed anyone but you have spiritually, mentally, and emotionally killed people by your thoughts, insensitive comments, and lack of speaking out. Silence is consent.

Where is the unity and love that the Body of Christ is supposed to walk in? I expect unbelievers not to understand but believers? Well, maybe you better check what you believe, who you believe, and what the Word says about bearing one another's burden, oppression, murder, sin, and so much more.

The only comments I want to see are ones that uplift and encourage, that show empathy and concern for what's going on - what's at the root of the problem that is exploding in America. Stop looking at the symptoms and explore what's at the core, the illness! I will not tolerate being called a racist, a liar, and accused of not being a Christian because I'm speaking out against years/decades of oppression and injustice! If you believe that about me please unfriend and block me because you don't know me!

Be Encouraged! ❤

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