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Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Treasured by God!

We must understand where the battle is and who we are fighting. Know the real enemy and let's fight on our knees with our hearts lifted to God. We cannot leave God out of the equation. That doesn't mean we don't act. It means we act in a way that honors God. He provides the best battle plans and He has never lost a battle! Let's not make our brothers and sisters the enemy. Let's make the spirit of division the enemy and fight it wholeheartedly.

Prayer focus - the MEDIA which is distorting the narrative and promoting division! (See Amos3:3)

Prayer focus - UNITY because the enemy knows there is power in unity and is working hard to keep us focused on the wrong things! Remember, God commanded the blessing in unity. (See Psalm 133:1-3)

Prayer focus - LOVE because love covers and our faith works by love! We must have love or we are ineffective! (See 1st Peter 4:8 & 1st John 4:8) Oh, and they will know we belong to Jesus by our love and Jesus commanded us to love! (See John 13:35 & Luke 10:27)

"Your hand-to-hand combat is not with human beings, but with the highest principalities and authorities operating in rebellion under the heavenly realms. For they are a powerful class of demon-gods and evil spirits that hold this dark world in bondage." (Ephesians 6:12 TPT)

Be Encouraged! ❤

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