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Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Treasured by God

There's a lot of celebrating going on but all votes have not been counted and the election has not been certified so we don't have a winner. We have a projected winner, that's it. While recounts and court actions are pending we really can't say who won.

I really don't think this is over or decided. I continue to pray for the hidden things to be made plain and what's done in dark to come to light. We need a clear winner with no cloud over their heads, be it the Democrat or Republican party. Because what we don't need is four years of fighting about the election and to realize that our election process is broken and failed us.

We need to know without a doubt that this election was done fairly and is above impunity. If fraud has occurred we need proof that lands people in jail, not unfounded and unsubstantiated accusations! If fraud hasn't occurred then we need that shown unimpeachably so we can move on and work on uniting and healing the country. We can't go through a cloud of accusations and suspicion for the next four years. We need to know that the electoral process works and is above reproach.

I want whoever wins to have done so fairly. Otherwise we don't have a democracy.

I didn't write this to argue with anyone. My goal is for us to continue in prayer and be patient for the outcome that is totally indisputable. Let freedom, justice, and truth prevail.

Be Encouraged! ❤

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