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I am seeking God's direction on what I should embrace in this season. My heart's desire is to seek His heart, to do what He wants.

Just because I've been doing something for years doesn’t mean I should continue doing it. It's not about how I can do ministry better; it's about what God wants me to focus on!

So, I will ask Him, Lord, what do YOU want me to focus on in this season? Do I continue doing what I've always done, or do You have something new for me to do now? (We should always reevaluate our assignments with God's help. It's not that He changes His mind as much as the assignment may be over! If we don't ask, we won't know!)

Even if I must scrap all I've tried to do for God's glory and begin again, I will. Not my will, but God's will must be done in me and through me.

In the meantime, I am parked at:

Be still.

Be silent.

Be harmless.

Be prayerful.

I have a spirit of expectation because I know He will answer.

Be Encouraged! ❤

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