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Holy Week - "It's not just another week!"

Holy Week! "This is not just another week!" The cost was weighed before there ever was a Garden of Eden and the price was deemed to be the precious Blood of Jesus. For the Father it was a price He was willing to pay because of His love for us.

In our own lives we, too, must consider the cost, both of taking up our own cross daily and following Jesus versus living a life without Him. Both choices come with consequences. One gives eternal life, in the Presence of God, while the other gives eternal separation from God in the pit of hell. As much as He wants us to choose Him, He allows us to make a choice! What will you choose?

It’s the start of Holy Week. Let's walk with Jesus through the last week of His life to learn some very valuable, and life-transforming, lessons during this journey.

Throughout this walk we will see how focusing on God can help us defeat any challenge that may come our way. We will take a look at:

The power of surrender – “Not my will Father, but Your will be done in my life”

The power of our minds – how what we think impacts what we say and believe

Seeing Jesus as a gift that we must choose to accept and unwrap allowing Him to impact our lives

The importance of ministering to God

Choosing the Father’s perspective

The power of silence

The power of the cross and the victory in the resurrection

You can purchase my book, "The Holy Week Devotional," at Amazon:

This Holy Week Devotional is not just for Holy Week. The principles shared are timeless and applicable all year round!

Do you have your copy?

Be Encouraged! ❤

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