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God is For You

Chosen by God!

We are to take full responsibility for our human failures rather than blaming God. The difference between sharing our disappointments with God and blaming Him for what is happening is whether we take responsibility or put the responsibility on God. Sharing our disappointments tells the story from ownership and with responsibility for our actions. It may even include reasons why we did what we did. I think it also ends with asking for God’s forgiveness, insight, and help.

Blaming God tells the story with blame, without responsibility, and with pride.

The Word tells us clearly that God loves us. It tells us that all good gifts come from Him. It also tells us that we live in a sin fallen world. It goes on to tell us about Jesus, the Son of God, and our wonderful gift of Salvation, which gives us access to God’s grace, mercy, forgiveness, unconditional and everlasting love. While sin may have dominion on the earth it does not have dominion over God’s children. As His children we have dominion. With this in mind we can express our disappointments to God but we must own our part in what is happening and the part that living in a sin fallen world plays.

We must be willing to take responsibility for our part in it. Sometimes we honestly don’t see what we may have done wrong, or could have done differently. In those cases we ask God to show us where we missed it. We ask Him to show us – US! When we recognize our part we must be quick to ask for forgiveness and for direction. God will help us when we ask Him.

Be Encouraged! ❤

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