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God wants you full of His Word and equipped to win in every situation you face in life.  Check out these resources that will empower you to do just that!  

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Encouragement in the Word Cover.jpg

Encouragement in the Word Ministry Devotional

Unlock your God given potential and walk in your God ordained destiny. This scripture based devotional will empower and encourage you in your daily Christian walk of faith. God’s Word combined with prayer, and fasting makes tremendous power available, dynamic in its working in your life and in the lives of those who are in your sphere of influence.

The Holy Week Devotional Updated Cover 2

The Holy Week Devotional 

Holy Week - "It's not just another week!" The cost was weighed before there ever was a Garden of Eden and the price was deemed to be the precious Blood of Jesus. For the Father it was a price He was willing to pay because of His unconditional and everlasting love for us. 


Through this devotional we are going to walk with Jesus during the last week of His life. Throughout this walk we will see how focusing on God can help us defeat any challenge that may come our way.


This Holy Week Devotional is not just for Holy Week. The principles shared are timeless and applicable all year round! 

31 Days of Encouragement Cover (1).jpg

31 Days of Encouragement

We live in a fast paced world where we are always on the go. As a result we may not always take the time to encourage ourselves in the Lord our God. I have written 31 devotions that will build your hope and encourage you through the challenges that living life brings. This devotional will spur you on to a deeper study, love, and appreciation for God’s Word.

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