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Prayer and Faith Confessions From - “Walking in Your Calling!”

Chosen by God!

Here's the Prayer and Faith Confessions from the "Walking in Your Calling" series we just completed. I pray they encourage you, resuscitate you – if necessary, revive your hope, and cause you to continue on your journey with the Lord, so you can walk boldly in your calling.


Lord, I want to move according to Your plan for my life. I do not want to move unless You tell me to move. I do not want to do this my way. I want to walk in surrendered obedience to Your will for my life.

The gifts I have are because of You. Whatever I do, I do because of You. Let me always choose to glorify You with them. I want to honor You with my gifts.

I am looking to You to make a way for me. I don’t want to create opportunities. I want Your opportunities. Whatever I do must be dependent on You – Your leading and guiding. Order my steps Lord so I can bring glory to Your most precious Name. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Faith Confession:

“The steps of a [good] man are directed and established by the Lord when He delights in his way [and He busies Himself with his every step].” (Psalm 37:23 AMPC)

Lord, I am asking You to direct and establish my steps according to You plan for my life. Show me how to make You delight in me Abba Father. I want you to busy yourself with my every step. I surrender to Your plan for my life. Not my will Abba Father, but Your will be done.

Faith Confession:

Lord, I want You to instruct and teach me in the way I should go. I don’t want to choose the path. I want You to show me the path. Counsel me Abba Father. Your way is truth. Keep Your eyes on me so I don’t stray from the path You want me to walk in. Make it clear. Mark the path so I don’t miss it.

Lord, I don’t want to manipulate anyone. I don’t want to look to people to get me where You are taking me. I want to depend totally on You.

I will not be moved by what others are saying about me or doing to me. My focus is on You. No one can stop what You are doing in my life. I can be gracious because You will do what is right and what You have promised.

Faith Confession:

Lord thank You that Your gifts and calling are irrevocable. If You won’t take them back then no one can take them away. Thank You for gifting me and calling me. I will not be moved by what I see or what I feel. I will keep my eyes on You while trusting You with the outcome.

Faith Confession:

I believe You have begun a good work in me. I believe You complete it. Not only that, You are developing that good work, perfecting it, and bringing it full completion in me. Hallelujah! I trust You, Abba Father, to complete Your purpose for my life. I declare that You will complete what You have started in me. You will not leave Your work unfinished.

Be Encouraged! ❤

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