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Encouragement Nugget - Be Strong and Courageous!

Chosen by God!

“And Moses called to Joshua and said to him in the sight of all Israel, Be strong, courageous, and firm, for you shall go with this people into the land which the Lord has sworn to their fathers to give them, and you shall cause them to possess it. It is the Lord Who goes before you; He will [march] with you; He will not fail you or let you go or forsake you; [let there be no cowardice or flinching, but] fear not, neither become broken [in spirit—depressed, dismayed, and unnerved with alarm].” (Deuteronomy 31:7-8 AMPC)

Moses is affirming Joshua publicly as Israel’s new leader. In doing so he’s giving him guidelines for success:

Be strong

Be courageous

Be firm

God is with you

God will not fail, let go of you, or forsake you

Moses told Joshua clearly what he would accomplish – he would take Israel to the land of promise and they would possess the land. He reminds Joshua that he doesn’t go alone, God goes with Him and He goes before Him, preparing the way. He reminds Joshua that God will not fail him, let him go, or forsake him. Then he tells Joshua again not to allow fear, cowardice, to deter him. He’s reminding him that the task before him is great and will provide opportunities to become depressed, dismayed, discourage, and unnerved with alarm. More importantly I think Moses is giving Joshua insight about the people he will be leading. He knows the challenges! Moses is equipping Joshua for leadership and success.

What a timely reminder that the assignments God gives us will require courage and focus. Looking at the circumstances, what must be done, can be overwhelming and cause your heart to stop. However, just like Moses encouraged Joshua for the task ahead, God encourages and affirms us.

I can hear God telling us:

Be strong. Be courageous. Be firm. I am with you. You will possess what I have for you, if you do it My way. Don’t be dismayed, depressed, discouraged, or unnerved by the task in front of you. I have gone before you and prepared the way and I go with you. I will not fail you, let you go, or forsake you.

Be Encouraged! ❤

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