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Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Treasured by God!

When we say black lives matter we are in no way saying other lives don't matter. To hear only that means you are tone deaf and not even trying to understand our current culture or our experiences. So let me say it another way:

No lives matter until black lives matter!

If we were included in the all lives matter we would not have to differentiate and say, black lives matter! When you're being killed for the color of your skin by people who are afraid of the person in the skin, then we have to speak out and remind you that black lives matter.

When people of other races are apprehended ALIVE for heinous crimes, treated with dignity by cuffing them, sitting them down, giving them water, and food we must remind you that black lives matter. When these same people are shooting at people, schools, and police officers with assault weapons and apprehended alive and unbeaten, we must remind you that black lives matter.

This has not been our experience. We don't always arrive alive or unbeaten. We get killed with our hands up, laying on the ground as directed, handcuffed when we are no longer a threat, sitting in our homes, sleeping in our beds, and so much more. So yes, we must remind you that black lives matter.

When the answer is to shoot first and ask questions later, then yes we must remind you that black lives matter. This is what we are saying. Instead of responding with, "All lives matter" why not ask questions so you can understand how we feel and what we are saying?

I will leave you with this:

When we run for a specific cancer we don't tell the runners, all cancer matters. We acknowledge that the focus is on one form of cancer which in no way diminishes the other forms of cancer. When we say, "Black lives. Matter," we are not saying that your life, or police lives don't matter. We just want to arrive alive!

Be Encouraged! ❤

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