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I sat with this over the weekend and asked the Lord to show me my, "no mores!"

There are things I've allowed that have gone past their expiration date but I held on to the familiar hoping there would be change. Now I realize change is only possible if I start the process. If I stay the same then the person(s) stays the same.

If I keep accepting the way things are, believing broken promises, then this is the way things will continue to be. Sometimes, for some people and in some situations, the passage of time with no behavioral changes means acceptance of the current behavior. And while I'm accepting that behavior, by doing nothing, giving no consequences, time moves on, days turn to weeks, weeks turn to months, and sadly, months turn to years and nothing has changed. I'm still looking at the same issues.

There may be purpose in this, however, it's time for me to seek God more specifically and yes, urgently, about how to handle these things. I didn't ask because I was comfortable and because I kept hoping things would change.

Truth is change is never found in comfort! Change is not found in acceptance of what needs to be changed but doesn't. Sometimes you have to let go of the dream, the hope, of what will be and accept what really is and stop making excuses.

You have to ask the hard questions:

What am I saying to myself if I continue with the devastation, betrayals, and lies?

Don't I deserve better, and do I really believe I deserve better?

Isn't God bigger than this and won't He do more, if I welcome Him into my pain and disappointment, admitting I can't handle it?

I can no longer allow myself to be expendable and disappointed by those that don't value the gift I am. I also have to remind myself to value the gift God made me. I have to own my part in this because I allowed it to get where it is. I need to treat me better! I set the bar. No more discounts!


#EncouragementInTheWord Be Encouraged! ❤

(Quote is from Lysa TerKeurst)

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