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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Treasured by God!

I have no words. So much bubbling inside of me. I've had to stay even closer to Jesus so I don't explode, say the wrong things, and misrepresent Him. I'm focused on walking in love and it's been harder than usual in this present climate.

Seeing people's careless words trivializing what I'm feeling and what's going on in the world is hard. Seeing some believers posts that lack sensitivity, love, and compassion has pierced my heart and makes me wonder, are we serving the same God? How can we all not hurt for what's going on? I mean the Word tells us to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. Instead I see so much that just makes me weep more and weep alone. It also tells us to bear one another's burdens, it didn't say to add to that burden.

It's caused me to see too many very differently and maybe, they see me differently too. Or maybe this is how they've always seen me. The present climate just gave them permission for harsh words and has allowed, and in some cases encouraged, hatred to spew freely without consequences. Yet, I believe the blood covers us all. Well, it covers those who truly belong to God and obey his Word, even when it's hard and not popular.

When the Lord told me He was shining a light on people's hearts, exposing who they are and not who they pretend to be I wasn't expecting this. I'm reeling and my heart is broken on so many levels. I think I need some more Jesus time so I can continue to walk in love and peace with those who choose not to extend me the same courtesy.

Maybe it's time we all examine our hearts. Maybe its time we pray, "Take control of what I say, O Lord, and guard my lips." (Psalm 141:3 NLT) Ask God for a filter and wisdom. While some discussions need to happen, now may not be the time. People are hurting. Right now I'm tired. I've had enough. I need a break.

One more thing, instead of telling your friends and associates of color what you think, how you feel, what they should do, and what they are doing wrong - why don't you ask us how we feel, what can I do, how can I help, or how can I walk alongside you? Why don't you find a way to bridge the hurt by being a bridge of compassion and love?

Be Encouraged! ❤

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