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I've tried to bring (insert drag), people to places God meant for me to go alone! I've had to do some pruning, but it began with recognizing my value! When you know who you are, Whose you are, and what your purpose is, you learn to travel light on His path.

I’ve been thinking about departures and Judas.

I get people hurting us, abruptly exiting without an explanation. Yes, that hurts because we may wonder what we did wrong. (Usually nothing because healthy relationships resolve issues through communication, not abrupt departures.) In other words, we blame ourselves.

I've learned in some friendships, (or associations might be a better choice since friends don't just walk away without an explanation or even a valid reason you can point to), that their leaving really wasn't about me! Yes, it hurt and yes, I tried to find out what happened. But I've come to the conclusion it's their issue, not mine and I'm not carrying their baggage. I have enough of my own.

In the meantime, I pray for them when they come to mind. This way my love walk stays intact. I refuse to let them impact my destiny when they are no longer a part of my life.

Sometimes I think abrupt departures are God's protection. Everyone can't go where He is taking you.

Judas left and Jesus moved into the next leg of His journey. Departures don't necessarily mean betrayal. They can mean movement, new seasons, and so much more.

“I am the sprouting vine and you’re my branches. As you live in union with me as your source, fruitfulness will stream from within you—but when you live separated from me you are powerless." (John 15:2 TPT)

Be Encouraged! ❤

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