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Yes! Let the celebrations continue. It's my Birthday Month! I'm celebrating all month, yes, every single day!

Today I’m thinking about walking in my purpose and some of the obstacles I’ve allowed to derail and distract my purpose. There have been times when I believed I needed XYZ to fulfill my purpose. There have also been times when my purpose wasn’t clear, so I found myself doing good things at the expense of God things unknowingly.

I’ve learned to be more like Nehemiah when he was rebuilding the wall in Jerusalem. (There’s a lot of wisdom about purpose, distractions, and victory in the book of Nehemiah. It’s worth studying. Small, but powerful.) He had people talking against him and threatening him, yet he continued rebuilding the wall.

This Scripture has been a reminder to me not to stop doing what God has told me to do and getting involved in something that is not my assignment:

So I replied by sending this message to them: “I am engaged in a great work, so I can’t come. Why should I stop working to come and meet with you?” (Nehemiah 6:3 MSG)

I have to continually remind myself of the power of no! Just because someone is doing a good thing, a Kingdom thing, doesn’t mean I need to be involved in it. My litmus test for involvement is, does it keep me on point for my God given assignment? Will it cause me to delay what God has told me to do. Just because someone is doing a God thing for them doesn’t mean I stop doing what God has told me to do. Their assignment is not more important than mine, just as my assignment is not more important than theirs. The settling issue is we each have our own assignments that God is counting on us completing!

When challenges come up, I remind myself that:

“They were just trying to intimidate us, imagining that they could discourage us and stop the work. So I continued the work with even greater determination.” (Nehemiah 6:9 NLT)

Then I do what Nehemiah did, continuing building the wall that God has assigned me - unapologetically!

Today, I had the opportunity to put this in place, to define my boundaries. There was someone who continually asked for my help to do things that I know are not my assignment and are in fact a distraction.

When asked yet again, this was my response:

“I've been so busy doing what God has called me to do and working where He has placed me.” (SN: I am not called to everyone, and I have to be okay with that. Like the 10 Virgins parable, found in Matthew 25:1-13. I need to make sure I have enough oil to finish my assignment. I cannot pour recklessly.)

“You continually ask me to help you in some way and I've yet to see you like, comment on, or share anything I have written. While that's not the criteria for help it is the criteria to establish relationship.” (SN: I must wonder what this person knows about me to reach out asking for help, or are they just sending the same message to everyone they are connected to?)

“I just don't have the time to focus on what is not my assignment. I cannot be distracted by good things that are not God things for me.” (SN: It’s so important to know your purpose and to protect it while walking in it.)

“We must be strategic in what we do, like Nehemiah building.” (SN: Before saying yes, learn to ask, "Lord, is this my assignment?" Then wait for His answer.)

Bottom line:

We have not interacted so how do we become involved in what the other is doing? Take time to know people and get to know them before asking them to support what you’re doing.

I must be strategic in where I invest my time and steward wisely the anointing God has placed on my life. I can’t plant everywhere, and I won’t be apologetic about sowing only where God leads.

Today’s blessing was my Fitbit readiness score said. “You recently went above and beyond with activity. Now, your body might need a rest.” I agree because Water Aerobics pulled everything out of me yesterday! I worked! My exercise today was my treadmill and gazelle. Just taking leisurely walks. God showed me a powerful gem in His Word that gave me clarity on something.

Stay tuned because God isn't finished with me yet!

Be Encouraged! ❤

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