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Treasured by God!

I love when Abba Father confirms a thing. This is exactly what I'm doing and where I'm parked, at Holy Spirit's direction. Letting go and steadily moving forward with my God given assignment(s) for this season!

Disclaimer: It doesn't mean that what was, and is, being let go of were, or are, bad things. It just means they aren't necessary in this new season, their time is up. If God is moving me forward He's also moving them forward, if they are tuned into what He's doing.

We have to embrace that seasons change and everyone, and everything, doesn't necessarily go into our new season. Good things and comfortable things can be a roadblock to greater things and God's best. Don't settle for good when you can have greater and best. There's always a cost.

Let the new adventures begin. Can't wait to see what Abba is up to!

Be Encouraged! ❤

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