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Just because you prayed for something and the answer seems obvious we still have to ask God, is this You? What we see isn't all that's going on! And sometimes our desire for something causes us to miss the obstacles that are attached. God sees it all!

I once accepted a job offer because I was believing God for a job. When the offer came I said yes, no prayer because I thought it was answered pray. How wrong I was. It was the worse job of my life. A lot of profanity and yelling at employees from management.That was the culture!

I'd never been talked to in that way before, nor did I talk to others like that. When I came to myself and realized no job, or amount of money, was worth being verbally abused, I had to quit. My mental, spiritual, and emotional health was at risk and literally being attacked daily in that toxic environment.

I had to repent for not confirming the opportunity with God, before accepting the opportunity. After that I had to pray for wisdom and discernment moving forward so something like this would never happen to me again.

I have never done that again. At every opportunity I ask God, is this You? I have learned the enemy can use seemingly good things, great opportunities, to deceive and detour you! Just because the door appears open doesn't mean I should walk through it. I've also learned a closed door might mean, not now. It's all about God's timing.

Your preparation + discernment + God's appointed time = the right opened door for you to go through.

What God opens no man can close and what God closes no man can open. Trust Him and wait for His doors. Don't make your own.

Be Encouraged! ❤

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