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We have to remind people it is not a lack of faith or lack of trust in God to acknowledge our feelings, fears, and struggles. That's why I shared how I'm really feeling instead of glossing over the impact of these cumulative events on me. If more of us got real we could see real transformation.

People are struggling afraid to speak about what they are feeling for fear of being told your faith is weak! Well I'm not doing that. Your faith IS NOT WEAK, and don't allow anyone to make you feel less than! If our feelings weren't real God would not have included so many Scriptures to cover them! He knew we would face these things. Our feelings aren't a surprise to God nor do they cause Him to love us any less than He always does. His love is constant. Nothing we say or do will ever change that.

The Word talks about fear, anxiety, being weak, challenges, and so much more. If God talks about it, why aren't we? So let me say it, I'm not okay and I'm okay with bot being okay! This is temporary, a detour - not a destination.

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Be Encouraged! ❤

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