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Day 2 - Birthday Month Celebration!

Updated: May 9, 2021

Day two of my birthday month celebration. My husband and I did some shopping to spruce up the house, little things make a big impact. We have been cleaning out the attic, garage, closets, and just downsizing, for the past two weeks. With this effort we decided to update the house. It's been a major project but boy is it looking good!

Who knew we had this much stuff! If we haven't used it we removed it by blessing others with the good stuff and throwing away what we wouldn't use! I don't bless with junk!

I had outfits that still had the price tags on them and the cleaners tags on them. Had planned to give them to Dress for Success but they require donations to be on hangars and that ship has sailed since we got rid of the hangars! Makes me sad because this was all business attire.

I'm so excited our kitchen has a new look! Just rearranging furniture, moving pictures, new placemats, dish rack, and cutting board makes a huge difference! Wood cleaner on the cabinets didn't hurt either! Decluttering is amazing also! Who knew we had this much space! Lol!

Yes, this couch is now in our living room! And yes, this is what almost 65 years old looks like on me! I'm living my best life!

Be Encouraged! ❤

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