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Read Proverbs 26

I read Proverbs 26 from the New Living Translation and the Message.

Fools, foolish behavior, and being lazy!

Let's identify these traits so we can avoid them, in ourselves and in others:

  • Honor is not associated with a fool. Honor - The esteem due or paid to worth; high estimation; A testimony of esteem; any expression of respect or of high estimation by words or actions; Dignity; exalted rank or place; distinction; Reputation; good name; Reputation; good name; (Noah Webster 1828 Dictionary) Fool - kᵉçîyl, stupid or silly:—fool(-ish) (Strong's H3684)

  • Horses and donkeys can be guided but a fool must be whipped.

  • There's a time to answer the foolish arguments of a fool and a time to ignore them. If they are unwilling to listen and only want to express their own opinions don't engage. If they are silent, then talking may help. Let Holy Spirit will guide you. "A [self-confident] fool has no delight in understanding but only in revealing his personal opinions and himself." (Proverbs 18:2 AMPC) "He who has knowledge spares his words, and a man of understanding has a cool spirit. Even a fool when he holds his peace is considered wise; when he closes his lips he is esteemed a man of understanding." (Proverbs 17:27-28 AMPC) "Again I say, don’t get involved in foolish, ignorant arguments that only start fights. A servant of the Lord must not quarrel but must be kind to everyone, be able to teach, and be patient with difficult people." (2 Timothy 2:23-24 NLT)

  • You can't trust a fool to deliver a message. You're asking for trouble. "He who sends a message by the hand of a fool cuts off his own feet and drinks violence." (Proverbs 26:6 NKJV) "You’re only asking for trouble when you send a message by a fool." (Proverbs 26:6 MSG)

  • A proverb in the mouth of a fool is ineffective. "Knowledge flows like spring water from the wise; fools are leaky faucets, dripping nonsense." (Proverbs 15:2 MSG)

  • There is no honor for a fool. "The wise shall inherit glory (all honor and good) but shame is the highest rank conferred on [self-confident] fools." (Proverbs 3:35 AMPC) Sometimes you just need to hear it as straight talk. "Wise living gets rewarded with honor; stupid living gets the booby prize." (Proverbs 3:35 MSG)

  • Hiring a fool shows no wisdom, thought, or planning. "Escape quickly from the company of fools; they’re a waste of your time, a waste of your words." (Proverbs 14:7 MSG)

  • Foolish people continue doing foolish things. You can't rescue them. "As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool returns to his folly." (Proverbs 26:11 AMPC)

  • Don't be wise in your own eyes or think you know it all. Keep a teachable spirit or you're just like a fool. "Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don’t try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; he’s the one who will keep you on track. Don’t assume that you know it all. Run to God! Run from evil!" (Proverbs 3:5-7 MSG) "Anyone who claims to know all the answers doesn’t really know very much." (1 Corinthians 8:2 NLT)

  • The lazy find excuses for doing nothing. Lazy - Disinclined to action or exertion; naturally or habitually slothful; sluggish; indolent; averse to labor; heavy in motion; (Noah Webster 1828 Dictionary. King James Bible refers to the lazy as slothful. Slothful - Inactive; sluggish; lazy; indolent; idle (Noah Webster 1828 Dictionary) Slothful - ʻâtsêl, indolent: —indolent: —slothful, sluggard (Strong's H6102)

  • The lazy like to sleep and don't want to even exert the energy to eat.

  • Sadly, lazy people think they are smarter than others. "What sorrow for those who are wise in their own eyes and think themselves so clever." (Isaiah 5:21 NLT)

  • It is foolish to get involved in someone else's argument. "It is an honor for a man to cease from strife and keep aloof from it, but every fool will quarrel." (Proverbs 20:3 AMPC)

More thoughts on Proverbs 26:

  • Don't lie to friends and call it a joke. Speak the truth. If you have something to say, say it in love and not sarcastically then hiding behind, I was only joking. "Don’t lie to each other, for you have stripped off your old sinful nature and all its wicked deeds. 10 Put on your new nature, and be renewed as you learn to know your Creator and become like him." (Colossians 3:9-10 NLT)

  • Be the person that stops gossip and rumors! Speak life-giving words and do what you can to diffuse gossip and rumors. "Let no foul or polluting language, nor evil word nor unwholesome or worthless talk [ever] come out of your mouth, but only such [speech] as is good and beneficial to the spiritual progress of others, as is fitting to the need and the occasion, that it may be a blessing and give grace (God’s favor) to those who hear it." (Ephesians 4:29 AMPC)

  • Don't be contentious, quarrelsome. Avoid arguments. Quarrelsome - Apt to quarrel; given to brawls and contention; inclined to petty fighting; easily irritated or provoked to contest; irascible; choleric; petulant (Noah Webster 1828 Dictionary) Contentious - mâdôwn, a contest or quarrel:—brawling, contention(-ous), discord, strife (Strong's H4066) "The beginning of strife is like letting out water [as from a small break in a dam; first it trickles and then it gushes]; Therefore abandon the quarrel before it breaks out and tempers explode." (Proverbs 17:14 AMP) "It is an honor for a man to keep away from strife [by handling situations with thoughtful foresight], But any fool will [start a] quarrel [without regard for the consequences]." (Proverbs 20:3 AMP)

  • Beware of those who pretend to be kind. They may harbor evil in their hearts. Stay connected to Holy Spirit who will give you the discernment you need to recognize who people really are and not who they say they are. Embrace the ministry of Holy Spirit. "But the Comforter (Counselor, Helper, Intercessor, Advocate, Strengthener, Standby), the Holy Spirit, Whom the Father will send in My name [in My place, to represent Me and act on My behalf], He will teach you all things. And He will cause you to recall (will remind you of, bring to your remembrance) everything I have told you." (John 14:26 AMPC)

  • People that cover their hatred will be exposed. "Your enemy shakes hands and greets you like an old friend, all the while plotting against you. When he speaks warmly to you, don’t believe him for a minute; he’s just waiting for the chance to rip you off. No matter how shrewdly he conceals his malice, eventually his evil will be exposed in public." (Proverbs 26:24-26 MSG)

  • Don't set traps for others or you will be caught in it yourself. "He who leads the upright astray on an evil path Will himself fall into his own pit, But the blameless will inherit good." (Proverbs 28:10 AMP)

  • Don't be a liar and don't give insincere flattery. "To his neighbor each one speaks words without use or worth or truth; with flattering lips and double heart [deceitfully] they speak. May the Lord cut off all flattering lips and the tongues that speak proud boasting," (Psalm 12:2-3 AMPC)

The verses that spoke to me:

For some reason today it was more the theme of the chapter that spoke to me than a specific verse. There is a lot being said about fools, foolish behavior, and being lazy. I think that's because the book of Proverbs is laced with insights on being a fool and acting foolish. I also think these references help us to recognize foolish behavior and what to do when we encounter a fool.

Since more than half of this chapter is focused on this, I had to give it my attention. Today we are completing 26 days in Proverbs, it's easy to see the thread of wisdom being shared. While I know it is helpful and easier to be able to identify these characteristics and behaviors in others, I must make sure they don't reside in me. I must also take time to apply what I have learned because knowledge without application is useless.

Today is a good time to spend additional time with the Lord and ask Him to show you how to apply the knowledge and wisdom found in Proverbs to your life and your relationships.

"Happy (blessed, fortunate, enviable) is the man who finds skillful and godly Wisdom, and the man who gets understanding [drawing it forth from God’s Word and life’s experiences], For the gaining of it is better than the gaining of silver, and the profit of it better than fine gold." (Proverbs 3:13-14 AMPC)

“If you are wise and understand God’s ways, prove it by living an honorable life, doing good works with the humility that comes from wisdom. But the wisdom from above is first of all pure. It is also peace loving, gentle at all times, and willing to yield to others. It is full of mercy and the fruit of good deeds. It shows no favoritism and is always sincere. And those who are peacemakers will plant seeds of peace and reap a harvest of righteousness.” (James 3:13, 17-18 NLT)


Lord, let me continually seek Your wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. As I spend time in Your Word open the eyes of my understanding so I can apply it to my life and reflect You well. In this Lord, let Your Kingdom come, and Your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven, through me.

Share in the comments what verse spoke to you and why. Let's grow in wisdom together.

Be Encouraged! ❤

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2 comentarios

27 ene 2023

My takeaway after reading this proverb is don’t be a fool, don’t be lazy, and don’t gossip. Verse 22 stood out to me in the KJV. The words of a talebearer are as wounds, and they go down into the innermost parts of the belly.

Probably everyone has been gossiped about at one time or another. I can remember two times as an adult that I was very hurt by false gossip. If you are hurt physically, it takes some time to get over that pain and heal from the wounds. False words spoken about you go to the very core of your being causing pain and wounds that also take time to heal. The one who gossip…

Me gusta
Leisa Wilkins
Leisa Wilkins
27 ene 2023
Contestando a

Amen. That's some wise counsel!

Me gusta
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