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I'm so excited. I've been busy working on my new book, "Abiding in the Secret Place: A Living Bible Study" and I am just coming up for air! Friday was publication day!


My new book is called a “Living Bible Study" because every week that I continue to teach, I will upload the new notes to the “Abiding in the Secret Place” Bible study you have already purchased making them available for FREE, as my gift to you. All you need to do once you purchase the book to receive the new material is turn on automatic updates in settings on your Kindle or in the Kindle app!

Your initial purchase of the book is all you will ever pay while continuing to get additional Bible study notes for as long as this study continues. We have just completed thirteen weeks, and we still have more to cover! I love this idea of giving you FREE material and hope you do too!

Please rejoice with me and give God praise. This is all His doing.

"This is the Lord’s doing, and it is wonderful to see." (Psalms 118:23 NLT)

#LeisaWilkins #EncouragementInTheWord

Be Encouraged! ❤

NOTE: You don't have to have a Kindle to read the book. You can download the Kindle app to your computer, phone, or tablet!

Here's the link to purchase the book on Amazon:

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