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Updated: Oct 3, 2022

The widow, with just a little oil, could only pour into the empty containers that were made available to her. (There are people waiting to provide for you. Don't be afraid to ask. That's when the oil starts to flow!) Once she ran out of containers she ran out of oil!

Don't miss that she had exactly the amount she needed to pay her debts and for her and her sons to live off the overflow, the extra. God provides abundantly more. She had her immediate need met and her future needs met. She was focused on the immediate, but God was focused on the entirety of her needs, today and tomorrow!

Some questions to prayerfully consider:

  • Are you trying to pour where there is no vessel capable of receiving your oil? (Your oil isn't for everyone, just for the "containers" assigned to you.)

  • Have you run out of oil because you poured where there was no container capable of receiving your oil? (You can't pour anywhere at any time. God is strategic so ask Him for your pouring strategy!)

  • Did you stop pouring prematurely drying up your flow of oil before its time? (Just because it looks empty or is pouring slowly doesn't mean it's empty. Even a trickle is enough for God to work through. So don't discount anything!)

  • Did you limit what God is doing through you, and in you, by limiting your ability to pour? (Remember, God looks beyond what we can see so ask Him for direction in all things.)

  • Did you understand the impact of the capacity made available to you? (Your blessing is tied to the pouring so don't stop pouring before you get all God has for you!)

Someone is going to get the impact of this in a minute. Start shouting and give God praise right now, even if you don't fully understand. He will make it clear to you!

You have to recognize when to pour and where to pour. God provides the oil for you to distribute, not you! Trust Him to show you where and when.

Read 2 Kings 4:1-7 to fully understand the impact of pouring and pouring into receptive, available, containers, so you waste nothing. Not every container is available, but the widow got every container that was available for her use!

Be Encouraged! ❤

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