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Being stretched means change. Just think, God wants to bring us to a new level. He wants to extend our territory, area of influence, enlarge us!

"Enlarge the place of your tent, and let the curtains of your habitations be stretched out; spare not; lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes, For you will spread abroad to the right hand and to the left; and your offspring will possess the nations and make the desolate cities to be inhabited." (Isaiah 54:2-3 AMPC)

Part of doing a new thing requires stretching and getting out of our comfort zone. It’s in stretching that He builds our character. Our loving Abba, Father, will guide us each step of the way, through the character-building process. All we must do is be willing to surrender and submit. That happens when we truly make Him our Lord, ruler over every part of us. It's about living the “not my will, Abba, but YOUR will be done” - in ALL things and in every area of your life. We don't get to choose what we surrender to Him. wants all of us! We just get to be led by the Spirit of God. I love this about our Abba, Father.

Get ready because God is up to something. Get flexible and allow yourself to be stretched!

Be Encouraged! ❤

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