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Updated: Aug 29

"The Lord will work out his plans for my life— for your faithful love, O Lord, endures forever. Don’t abandon me, for you made me." (Psalms 138:8 NLT)

"You keep every promise you’ve ever made to me! Since your love for me is constant and endless, I ask you, Lord, to finish every good thing that you’ve begun in me!" (Psalms 138:8 TPT)


Abba Father, I believe You will work out Your plan for my life. I rest in You and the knowledge that You are a promise keeper. You are faithful, trustworthy, and Your love for me is everlasting and unfailing.

Lord, please finish every good thing that You have begun in me. I am convinced You will faithfully continue, and complete, the process of maturing me and that You will never abandon me.

"God positions us to influence others, to change the course of events, and to protect His purposes" (Dr. Myles Munroe)

The story of Joseph is a fitting example of this. See Genesis 37, 39-41. Read it asking God to show you the purpose and plans He had for Joseph while in the pit and the value of being there. Then look for the purpose and plan in your pit experience. Ask God to show you the lesson while you trust Him through the process.

Joseph went from the pit to the palace, becoming second in command in Egypt with only Pharoah having more authority and power than him. The pit positioned, and prepared, him for the palace, for leadership. The pit has a purpose and is not a waste of time.

"As we wait in the pit for God to work, we must remember that there's a caravan on the way. This is how God works through change. Whether you're in the pit or the palace right now, the Lord is ordering your steps as you trust Him. God will never abandon or cancel what He gave you birth to do. He is committed to it. That's how strong purpose is. God will not abandon your purpose, but the question is, will you abandon it? Are you committed to it?" (Dr. Myles Munroe)

Dr. Munroe brings up some good points and questions that you may need to sit with. Only you know the answers, no one can answer those questions for you.


"No outside force or circumstance can stop God's destiny for your life. Only you can stop it: by ignoring it, rebelling against it, or giving up on it entirely. God doesn't want you to miss what He's already guaranteed for you to accomplish." (Dr. Myles Munroe)

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Be Encouraged! ❤

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