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Day 5 - Birthday Month Celebration!

Updated: May 9, 2021

Day five of my birthday month celebration.

This year has already been hard, going through mom's stuff, discarding and keeping. Lots of photos, with their attached memories, to process. Add my birthday falling on Mother's Day this year and I'm on emotional overload! I'm a little numb right now.

Trying to be celebratory, because turning 65 is a milestone birthday, but feeling a little sad today. So many Mother's Day reminders and that's a reminder that my mother is no longer here. While I know where she is, I also know where she's not and that hurts. I'm happy for those whose mom's are still here and can be celebrated. You are blessed! Enjoy every moment. Make lasting memories. In time they become priceless.

I need some food, a nap and a timeout. It's an Elijah moment.

Going to just "be" for today and this evening.

Be Encouraged! ❤

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